General Information


The population of North Cyprus is 200,587 inhabitants. 50% of the population live in the cities and 50 % in the countryside. 99% of the adult population is literate.


North Cyprus as well as the whole island enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and mild and wet winters from December to February. The short autumn and spring periods complete the seasons of the year.

Public Holidays

1 January   New Year's Day
23 April   Children's Day
1 May   Labour Day
19 May   Youth and Sports Day
20 July   Peace and Freedom Day
30 August   Victory Day
29 October   Turkish Republic Day
15 November   Northern Cyprus Republic Day

Electric Current Voltage

Power is supplied at 240 volts and wall fittings are generally the U.K. three-pin type.


A valid passport is necessary for entering and a visa is granted on entrance to Northern Cyprus. Since 1993 Turkish citizens can visit Northern Cyprus by identity card.

Foreign Missions in Northern Cyprus

Australian Representative French Cultural Association German Representative
Tel: 2277332 Tel: 2283328 Tel: 2275161
Turkish Embassy UK Representative USA Representative
Tel: 2272314
Fax: 2282209
Tel: 2283861
Fax: 2287054
Tel: 2252440
Fax: 2252442

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