Moving to North Cyprus

The English Community in Northern Cyprus is growing very quickly as more British couples buy properties in North Cyprus and come to permanently live on the northern side of the island. The key attraction of this area is that it is unspoilt by commercial tourism and has a quiet pace of life, safe environment (the area is nearly, totally crime free), the best value for money (North Cyprus  property prices) and low cost of living than in other countries in the Mediterranean. English visitors and residents receive a nice welcome from the local population. The English language is widely spoken and there are some key influences of the colonial era on North Cyprus. The community in Northern Cyprus is predominantly Muslim and is extremely tolerant to other traditions; they especially show respect for the British culture. There are several Christian churches in Northern Cyprus. In the Anglican Church of St Andrew's North Cyprus, Kyrenia, services are held on Sundays and Thursdays. Also church services are held in Famagusta and Kyrenia town centre.

Children will have a wide choice of many English speaking schools. In Kyrenia there is a nursery which is run by British people. Also there are two English primary schools attached to the main Northern Cyprus universities. English speaking secondary school education can be received at Nicosia which is an international American School in North Cyprus.

A local English paper will help you to know what's going on in Northern Cyprus and get your messages through to the North Cypriot community. Weekly English paper Cyprus Today, which is published every Saturday and Wednesday, can be found in most stores in Northern Cyprus. This newspaper contains useful information on various events – music concerts, charities, evening entertainment, as well as information and adverts from different businesses, restaurants and bars in North Cyprus are promoted here. Northern Cyprus living could be as exciting as you want it to be. The British Residents Society also provides a detailed phone list of members which is updated on a 6 monthly cycle.

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