Nicosia City

Nicosia is the capital city of Northern Cyprus and is known as Lefkosa by local people. Nicosia was founded approximately 2255 years ago. 
Nicosia is currently the biggest and most densely populated city in Northern Cyprus. The developing city of Nicosia is the major centre for business, diplomacy, culture and the arts. Nicosia hotels are available for business stays. Nowadays, Nicosia is also becoming a commerce and shopping centre. Ercan Airport is located on the outskirts of Nicosia. When you are on holiday in Northern Cyprus most of the tour companies offer shopping tours to Nicosia. See map of Nicosia.

The Kyrenia Gate is an arched northern entry point into Nicosia, built by the Venetians in 1567. The Dervish Pasha Mansion shows the characteristic Turkish architecture of the 19th century. The Venetian Column, the most important square of Nicosia, moved from Salamis to Nicosia as a tribute to Venetian rule in Cyprus. The Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral) was constructed by the Lusignans from 1208 to 1326.

Primarily a centre for North Cyprus government, as well as commerce and shopping, Nicosia has very little holiday accommodation (and none that we feel suitable for our clients), but the town is in easy reach of Kyrenia. There is a very wide choice of accommodation in the overall region and Nicosia can also be quite easily reached from Famagusta. During your Northern Cyprus holiday you can rent a car from our site.

Atatürk Square (or Sarayönü) was the political centre of Cyprus for centuries. The northern face of the square (now filled with ex-colonial police barracks) was once filled by the Saray, the Gothic Palace of the governor throughout the Frankish, Venetian and Ottoman periods.

In 1904 an unimaginative British administration demolished this 700 year-old complex with its fine apartments, arcaded courtyard and throne hall. Only a hexagonal Ottoman fountain survived, to which a British colonial review stand was added in 1920s.

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