North Cyprus Places to Visit

North Cyprus is a treasure chest of medieval castles, abbeys, amphitheatres, and monuments offering a wealth of interest to both amateur and professional historians and archaeologists. If you like to see more history of Cyprus, visit one of the many Cypriot museums in Nicosia (The Stone Works Museum Laphitos, The MevleviTekke Museum), Kyrenia (The Kyrenia Museum Of Folk Art, The Museum Of Public Arts, Shipwreck Museum), Famagusta (The Canbulat Tomb & Museum, The Dungeon And Museum Of Namik Kemal, The St. Barnabas Icon &Archeology Museum), Guzelyurt (The Guzelyurt Museum, The Archeology And Nature Museum) or YeniIskele (Icon Museum Of Iskele)


Kyrenia is most popular  tourist place in Cyprus. Moreover, Kyrenia has great beaches, mountain views and hotels. There is Kyrenia Castle which is the one of the places you must see in Kyrenia. You can find very attractive restaurants and bars along the edge of the historic old harbour.


Famagusta is famous for nice, clean beaches.It has a small commercial port and fishing area. Also there are beautiful and historical shops. Moreover, Famagusta has museums, mosques and churches which are historically fascinating.


Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus. There are lots of historical places, mosques, churches and museums. Nicosia has a big, old and historical bazaar, where you can find nice,low price shops.


Güzelyurt (Morphou),is situated in the northwest of Cyprus. Güzelyurt is famous for citrus fruits and there are lots of citrus gardens. It has ideal picnic places for those who want to escape from the noise and rush of city life.

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