North Cyprus Transportation

There are many places to explore in North Cyprus; therefore many people choose to hire a car during their visit. If you are travelling from the UK or Ireland driving will be just the same as being at home. The speed restrictions are in kilometres and Cypriots drive on the left hand side of the road too. Filter systems are in place and these are indicated by the traffic lights constantly flashing on red or amber. An amber flashing light on a high pole indicates that you are approaching traffic lights, so slow down.

In North Cyprus there are very strict drink driving regulations and if caught you will receive a very large on the spot fine. These drink drive laws are very similar to those in England so if you do have a hire car we advise that you do not drink.

As a general rule, you can park where there is space. Restricted areas are marked with either a no parking sign or black and white painted curb stones in North Cyprus. These are the same as double yellow lines.

In North Cyprus road signs are worded in Turkish but most signs are easily recognizable. Indicators are not widely used so you should always be aware of the car in front of you as they can turn at any moment. As with all driving, if you obey the rules of the road you will be fine

*Bus Services

Public transport is available and most towns have inexpensive bus services. These buses run quite frequently during the day until 7pm.

*Bus Stations/Terminals


The main bus station is Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari, minibuses for Kyrenia and north Nicosia go from Itimat bus station (south side of Yirmisekiz Ocak).


The long-distance bus station is on Bedredin Demirel (south of the New Town), minibuses (dolmus) for Famagusta and north Nicosia depart from Belediye Meydani. The most common way of getting on the bus is practiced on the main roadas the bus approaches you.


The long-distance bus station is on the corner of Ataturk Caddesi and Kemal Asik Caddesi. From here buses to major towns leave.

*Taxi Services

In Cyprus taxis are widely available both as a hotel and private service. Taxi charges are reasonable but it is wise to agree on a price with your taxi driver before you set off on your journey. There are no meters in taxis and these taxis can only be found at designated taxi stands. 
It is hard to "flag" a taxi in the street. It is more possible to find one at a taxi parking. Taxi stands are located at Ercan airport, Nicosia Kyrenia Gate area and big hotels. Notice that if you need taxi services between 9 pm and 8 am, it is better to order a taxi by calling a taxi company beforehand. In Cyprus Taxi drivers are punctual and will come to pick you up from where you are.

*Car Rental

There are many methods of transportation in North Cyprus that allow you to travel around the island. However, the method that allows you the most independence in North Cyprus is car rental. Prices for car rentals are excellent for the travellers who wish to act freely. You can hire a car with your driving license. We drive on the left in North Cyprus just like in England, so you will notget confused. Wearing seatbelt is compulsory. All signposts are international.

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