North Cyprus

This Mediterranean country with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The natural beauty of Northern Cyprus and the activities to be done.


To see the golden long sandy beach in Karpaz, please turn your car's steering wheel towards Karpaz. You can stay at night and enjoy the swim on this golden beach away from the crowds.

Scuba Diving and Tandem Paragliding

The underwater beauties of Northern Cyprus are worth seeing. Get a chance to see these natural beauties by organizing a diving tour with dive companies.

Jump from Beşparmak mountains with highly professional Paragliding Tandem Pilots. It is sure to be a great adventure for people who love adrenaline. Admire the unique view.

Fruits and vegetables

We do not recommend leaving the island without tasting the organic fruits grown in Northern Cyprus. Besides being fresh and delicious, you can buy these fruits from the neighborhood markets. Don't miss the chance to get in touch with the friendly local people and see the Cyprus markets.


There are many restaurants in our island where you can eat Northern Cyprus food. Please do not leave our island without tasting our delicious regional dishes that are suitable for your taste. There are many restaurants where you can eat that kind of Mediterranean cuisine in a romantic atmosphere. Enjoy your meal already.

Caretta Caretta

The island of Cyprus is frequented by caretta caretta turtles. These protected turtles come to Alagadi Beach every year to lay eggs. If you are lucky, you can witness the hatching moments of Caretta Caretta turtles. Make sure you plan to watch this unique experience.

Northern Cyprus Guide